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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV Insurance Information

RV insurance is for anyone who drives a recreational vehicle. Typically known as an RV, these vehicles are used for road trips. This coverage is similar to auto insurance, but it deals with issues specific to recreational vehicles.

Most people who obtain loans to purchase an RV are required to get insurance. The type and size of the vehicle determines if you need Class A (luxury RV), Class B (camper) or Class C (fifth wheeler) coverage.

The Basics of RV Insurance

RV policies cover basic liability and collision risks. But you can choose comprehensive coverage to cover property loss, theft or damage. Some policies cover emergency expense, such as if your RV needs towing.

Types of RV Coverage

Coverage options might be different for people who reside full-time in an RV as opposed to using it for recreational use. The make, model and contents inside the RV may affect coverage as well. Shop around to find the best rates and coverage options.

Major Benefits

RV insurance helps you protect your investment. It can hurt your pocket if the RV is ever damaged or stolen. But RV insurance can make the mishaps easier to handle. It helps to have financial assistance when you need it.