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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Benefits for Your Family

Death is an unavoidable part of being alive. Thoughts of your death might raise concerns about the welfare of your family. This is especially true if they are dependent on your income for survival. Getting a life insurance policy is one way to ease the burden on your family. This coverage provides your beneficiaries with cash benefits following your death.

Term coverage is one type of life insurance. It offers benefits for a limited term, usually 15, 20 or 30 years. Universal is another type of coverage. There are no term limits, and it may gain cash value over the years. You can withdraw money from the policy to meet financial needs.

When purchasing a policy, you can request a specific amount. The amount you choose will affect your premiums, so keep your budget in mind. Also, it’s important to note that coverage is higher if you’re older or sickly.

Your beneficiaries can use the life insurance money for various needs. Beneficiaries often supplement lost wages or pay off debts. The benefits can also pay for a child’s education or medical costs. Since the benefits can be used for any purpose, your beneficiaries have the freedom to use the money in any way that is beneficial.