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Homeowners Insurance

The Importance of Homeowner’s Insurance

A home is a major purchase. It’s one possession that definitely needs insurance coverage. A home will eventually need repairs, and you must protect your personal belongings. This is why homeowner’s insurance is important. In the event of a natural disaster, robbery, fire, or vandalism this insurance will help with recovery costs. Liability coverage is included as well, in the event someone is injured while on your property.

All Homeowners Need Coverage

If you own a home, then you need this coverage. If you own a condo or apartment, you likely will need coverage to protect your belongings. But a person who owns a home also is responsible for the property and the entire building.

The Details

You file a claim when you need help from the insurance company. The appraisal price of your home usually determines how much money you’ll get for a claim. There may be an additional amount added for buildings such as detached garages, sheds, and greenhouses.

You need to provide proof of your claim. If you don’t have an estimate or receipts, then the insurance company will provide an adjustor to determine how much you’re owed. You’ll get a check for the amount, minus any deductible.

Types of Coverage

Homeowners insurance generally covers the dwelling and its contents. Liability coverage is also included. If you want flood or earthquake insurance, then you have to add that separately.


If you home is destroyed, then homeowners insurance will help you recover. It will also help if your possessions are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. And with liability, you’ll have legal recourse if someone sues you after being hurt in your home. Homeowner’s insurance is great for anyone who owns a home.