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Flood Insurance

The Importance of Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is generally not included with traditional homeowner’s insurance. It must be added separately after the main insurance is purchased. This coverage compensates you for damage caused by a flood. A policy will help pay for repairs, and some also cover some of the cost to rebuild your home or some of the cost to get a new one.

There are difference types of policies available. Building property coverage and personal contents coverage are the most common.

Building property coverage is for the physical structure of the home and its foundation. Coverage also covers damages to central air and heating units, electrical systems, and plumbing systems.

Personal contents coverage protects items that are not attached to the home. These are personal belongings that are inside the home when the flooding occurs. Things such as clothing,
electronics, portable appliances, and furniture are covered.

When choosing a policy, get the amount of coverage that fits your situation. Speaking with an insurance agent is the best way to determine what you need.


The benefit of flood insurance is compensation for flood damage. Water can cause a lot of damage. Paying for repairs or to replace your belongings can be expensive. With flood coverage, you will receive help paying for damages caused by the flood.